Independent members of the Financial Committee

OGEO FUND surrounds itself with independent members who are recognised in the world of finance.  These members assist the financial committee to evaluate neutrally and independently the key financial indicators, the quality of the portfolios and the investment strategy.

Marie-Claire Pletinckx 

is a sales engineer (KUL – Flemish Catholic University of Leuven) and actuary (UCL French Catholic University of Louvain) and has been President of the Association of UCL Actuaries.  She was CEO of Fortis Bank Insurance and Executive and Vice-President of Fortis Employee Benefits Europe.  She has also been member of the Insurance Commission and member of numerous boards. 





Serge Wibaut


Doctor in Economics and professor at the UCL and the FUSL (Facultés Universitaires Saint-Louis, Brussels).  From 1996 to 1998 he was counsellor to the Belgian Minister of Finance.  He also has extensive experience in banking (CEO of AXA Bank) and in insurance (Chief Investment Officer AXA Northern and Central Europe).





Claude Tellings

General Director of the  Intermunicipal Association for the Evacuation of Flood Waters and Waste Water Treatment of the Municipalities in the Province of Liege (Association Intercommunale pour le Démergement et l'Epuration des Communes de la Province de Liège - AIDE).  He holds a Master’s degree in commercial and administrative sciences from HEC Management School, Liege, and another in business administration from Liege University.  He formerly held responsibilities in an English language auditing firm and in a private consultancy firm.





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