OGEO FUND presents the results of the opinion survey on pensions in Belgium

09 July 2015

With its trademark proactive approach, OGEO FUND seeks to contribute to the knowledge and awareness about pensions required for socio-political debates in Belgium. This led to EGEO FUND commissioning for the second consecutive year an opinion survey on pensions in Belgium. IPSOS conducted this online survey using a representative sample of 1,065 people of the population aged 25 to 70 years.

In addition to the comparison of the 2014 results, this year’s OGEO FUND-IPSOS survey includes specific questions relating to the Federal Government proposals on pension reform.

Some significant facts:


  • While, last year, 44% of the Belgian population were planning to retire at 65, Belgium’s current legal retirement age, only 34% consider to do so now. Moreover, 23% think to make the final leap after 65 (compared to 7% in 2014) and 43% before 65 (compared to 49% in 2014).
  • The main factor that could encourage non-retirees to retire later than planned would be, same as in 2014, to cumulate a part-time job and retirement without any tax penalty (59%).

Preparing for retirement

  • Only 17% of non-retirees feel being sufficiently informed about their pensions (compared to 22% in 2014). Moreover, only 27% believe that their pension will be enough to maintain a decent standard of living (compared to 32% in 2014).
  • Less than half of non-retirees benefit from a supplementary retirement scheme proposed by their employer (45%), compared to 39% in 2014.

Future of retirement

  • 8 out of 10 Belgians are of the opinion that the public authorities must prioritise ensuring an adequate pension funding.
  • 78% declare to be in favour of a harmonization of public/private/independent pension schemes. This view is more shared by private sector employees (85% compared to 80% in 2014) than by those working in the public sector (55% compared to 58% in 2014).

Pension reform

  • Only 39% of non-retirees agree to increase the legal retirement age to 66 (in 2025) en to 67 (in 2030).
  • More than 3 out of 4 Belgians (76%) wish drudgery of work to be taken into account in the pension calculation system.

If you wish to be obtain the results of this survey, please click here.