06 May 2013

Ogeo Fund took part in the Conference of Walloon local government secretaries which was held on 3-4 May 2013, and organised this year by the Union of Walloon local government secretaries of the Province of Hainaut. It was held at the innovative venue of PASS (scientific adventure park) in Frameries.

 The agenda featured presentations by various speakers who dealt with themes that were as interesting as they were varied:

  • Social networks in local government administration: opportunities and threats;
  • Local not-for-profit associations and management contracts: new rules and new obligations;
  • The P.S.T., General Policy Programme, mission statement and contract of objectives: the impact of new management methods on the work of a local government secretary;
  • “Smile – you are communicating”: the importance of non-verbal communication

The conference above all provided the opportunity for Ogeo Fund members to exchange ideas with professionals on the issues affecting pensions.

Ogeo Fund also took the opportunity to provide all participants with a brochure describing the strengths of Ogeo Fund, its first pillar pension solutions (statutory pensions for staff and agents) and its second pillar solutions (supplementary pensions for contract staff).