08 May 2013

Ogeo Fund’s team had the opportunity to visit the facilities of AIDE, which joined the pension fund a short while ago.

The first visit was to the pumping station at Seraing. Opened in 1954, the station deals with the drainage of old mine workings on a large part of Seraing.  At the Oupeye treatment plant, Ogeo Fund’s team was also able to observe the various procedures used to purify and treat waste water.

Once again, Ogeo Fund would like to thank Mr Claude Tellings, Managing Director of AIDE and Mr Jean-Pierre Silan, Investment Manager at AIDE, for this pleasant and informative visit.

AIDE in numbers:

  • 42 pumping stations for draining old mine workings;
  • 83 member communes;
  • 238 staff;
  • 57 treatment plants;
  • 53 pumping stations;
  • 266km of discharge collectors and pipes.