10 July 2014

With its trademark proactive approach, OGEO FUND seeks to contribute to the knowledge and awareness about pensions required for socio-political debates in Belgium. This led to OGEO FUND commissioning an opinion poll. IPSOS conducted this online survey using a representative sample of 1,105 people of the resident population aged 25 to 70 years and guaranteed an optimal distribution among survey participants according to gender, region of residence, marital status, and professional occupation.

This survey reveals significant results in terms of Belgian opinions regarding retirement. There is a general concern about the future of pensions as well as clear ideas on policies to be implemented in order to ensure the pension system’s sustainability. According to the IPSOS’ survey, 75% of the Belgian population is significantly pessimistic about the future of their pension.

• On the cusp of retirement One out of two Belgians

(51%) currently not retired plans to retire at the legal age of 65 years old. The main factors influencing non-pensioners to retire later than projected include the possibility to work part-time but without tax penalty upon retirement (57%) or to benefit from a tax incentive if retirement is deferred (42%).

• Preparing to retire

Only 4 out of 10 workers (39%) benefit from an additional pension plan (of whom 50% are active in the private sector and 12% in the public sector). Four out of five non-pensioners (78%) do not regard themselves as sufficiently informed about their forthcoming pension.

• And what about pensioners?

According to the survey, 3 out of 4 (75%) retired before reaching the age of 65 years. One out of 4 pensioners receives less than 50% of their last net salary, whereas 41% of retirees draw at least 70% of their last net salary. A vast majority (71%) did not benefit from an additional pension plan provided by the employer.

• Pensioners and their future

More than 4 out of 5 people surveyed (82%) hold the opinion that the public authorities should aim–as a priority–to ensure an adequate pension funding. The survey also highlights that three-quarters (76%) of those surveyed believe that public, private, and independent pension schemes should be harmonised. However, this view is expressed most strongly among employees active in the private sector (80%) than among employees in the public sector (58%).

Please consult our press release dated July 9, 2014 announcing the results of this survey (press release available in French). The comprehensive survey results can be provided by OGEO FUND upon request at the following e-mail address: