02 November 2015

In the same spirit as for the Round Table organised on October 16th 2015 in the offices of Degroof Petercam Bank in Brussels, Ogeo Fund held at the “Cercle de Wallonie” in Namur an institutional seminar on 30th October 2015 titled "Pension Reform: challenges and impacts”.

Apart from presenting the key results of its opinion survey on pensions in Belgium carried out by Ipsos, Ogeo Fund had the pleasure of hosting a panel of experts. The objective of this one-day forum was to debate about the various rules already established by the Government as well as the reforms still in the pipeline in order to guarantee the durability of the pensions system in Belgium.

  • Introduction: Daniel Bacquelaine, Belgian Minister for Pensions
  • Illustration and animation by Pierre Kroll
  • Interventions and debate facilitated by Amid Faljaoui

- Anne Thiry, Vice-President of the Belgian National Committee on Pensions, Managing Partner Actuary at Nexyan and appointed actuary of OGEO FUND,
- Florence Delogne, Deputy Director of the Cabinet of the Belgian Minister for Pensions,
- Pierre Devolder, Professor at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) and member of the Belgian Pensions Reform Commission.

  • Presentation of the Management Committee of OGEO FUND “A proven and innovatory model”
  • Conclusion by André Gilles, provincial executive, President of the Provincial College of the Province of Liège (Belgium) and President of the OGEO FUND Board of Directors.

Do you want to consult the results of the Ogeo Fund opinion survey on pensions in Belgium? Click here.