Ogeo Fund: Centre of Expertise

30 October 2013

Ogeo Fund recently organised two events to present the conclusions of the pension-financing study of provincial and local government in Wallonia and Brussels.

As legislation is constantly evolving in this domain, Ogeo Fund aims to provide both its affiliates and an external audience with a detailed overview of future developments. Now that we are starting to feel the effects of the measures introduced for local agents in 1999, and those introduced for statutory personnel in 2011 and 2012, it is becoming increasingly relevant to make this subject available to as wide a public as possible, given that it risks becoming even more complicated.

Ogeo Fund has taken a step in this direction by launching a study on financing the pensions of provincial and local government staff. This survey, run by ULg [University of Liège] and monitored by a support committee (comprising the ONSSAPL [the Belgian national office for provincial and local government social security], the office of the Walloon minister for local government, and the operational directorate-general for local government) is a comprehensive pension review of local government and its thoughts on financing such pensions. The survey aims to highlight the multiple challenges facing us now and in the future, and to suggest options for further consideration.

281 Walloon and Brussels communes were surveyed, with a 23% response rate (all community sizes are represented in this sample), thus ensuring that the communes are represented to some extent in the conclusions.

Local government is facing numerous challenges. In addition to operating in a difficult budgetary and financial context, it is faced with the budgetary effects of an ageing population and longer life expectancy. The effects of the pension burden faced by local agents are increasingly noticeable. 35% of the communes surveyed admitted to having developed no financing strategy for the pensions for which they are responsible.

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Ogeo Fund first organised a round-table discussion on 15 October 2013 in the offices of Bank Degroof in Brussels, to which several experts in the pensions field were invited.

Ogeo Fund then invited all the communes of Wallonia and Brussels to a seminar organised on 18 October 2013 at the Cercle de Wallonie in Seraing, at which the conclusions of this study were presented. Several guest speakers came to discuss the pension problem.

Ogeo Fund would like to thank all those who helped conduct this study and all the participants who expressed an active interest in this survey.