Seminar held on 18 October 2013

21 October 2013

OGEO FUND seminar held on 18/10/2013 "Financing pensions: challenges and choices"

Ogeo Fund would like to thank all those who took part in this event at the Cercle de Wallonie in Seraing.

Pensions are a complex issue and subject to constant change:

For the last five years, Ogeo Fund’s objective has been to develop its expertise in financing and paying pensions. Ogeo Fund, Belgium’s 5th largest pension fund, now manages over 934 million euros of assets in a prudent and diversified manner, providing an effective and rigorous organization for its affiliates.

Ogeo Fund invited you to join the debate on pension issues:

Economic challenges, the current situation, innovative solutions etc. Ogeo Fund has taken a step in this direction by launching a study on financing the pensions of provincial and local government staff and agents. This survey aims to highlight the multiple challenges facing us now and in the future, and to suggest options for further consideration.

Ogeo Fund invites you to consult the presentations given by our speakers. Please note that these presentations are in French.

Rolant Gillet, Professor of Finance at the Sorbonne and ULB (Solvay) and an internationally recognised expert:
"Do Europe and the eurozone still have the resources to pursue their policies?"

Barbara Sak, Secretary General of CIRIEC-Belgium (International Center of Research and Information on the Public, Social and Cooperative Economy):
Strategic solutions and conclusions from the study on financing the pensions of provincial and local government staff

Ogeo Fund Executive Committee:
A rigorous organisation, a full and innovative solution